Sponsoring Opportunities

SANTA FE SCHOOLS Over the years, we have provided an educational Powerpoint about bottled water to over 1,000 children at different schools in Santa Fe, NM. This year, with the help of awesome sponsors who believe in the power of education, we will reach several hundred more, as we believe that children are the ones who will be able to make a change on our planet and help save it.
But it is not only students that we can make an impact with. Parents, siblings, friends, and teachers, are also now aware of the dangers of one of our most dangerous consumption habits: the purchase and use of single-use plastics and more precisely, bottled water. All of this thanks to one determined 10-year old and to our sponsors, companies who like all of us, may not always be able to dispense from using-buying single-use plastics but believe we ought to find another way to quench our thirst!

With over 1,500 free stainless steel bottles distributed to children, we are doing something that benefits us all. Less plastic bought means less plastic produced and wasted. More people aware of the dangers of plastic, less plastic used. The benefits are countless: cleaner water, healthier people, healthier wildlife, less money wasted on large water conglomerates, more money in people's pockets, and a healthier, more sustainable take on life.

But we do not want to stop here. We want to make this program available nationally, so we can reach more children and make it tougher to justify the purchase of bottled water. The cost is low: $1,500 will take care of several hundred children. We have created a structure that works and are now looking for partners: schools that want to make a difference, companies that want to help lighten our foot print on Earth and leave it cleaner for future generations to enjoy. It is now thought that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish! It's time to act, don't you think?


The possibilities are endless, thanks to a simple, durable and recyclable product that everybody needs. Our motto, "Just Add Water" appears on all the bottles, along with our sponsors, and combined with a simple educational curriculum, carries the concept that water is a simple yet vital resource that we must pay attention to and respect. Our health and the future of our planet depend on it!
Did you know that each bottle of water requires 3 to 5 bottles of water to produce? What about the fact that the oil used to produce disposable water bottles could be used to power 1 million cars for 12 months... and the list goes on. It is time to act in a practical, reasonable way.

We hope you will help us curb pollution and make our country and our schools greener. Unlike us, our children are growing up with more than notions of climate change. They are the ones who can change our ways with the right guidance. This is one humble way to do it, one drop in a large bucket, but as we now know, every drop counts.